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Bump in the Night (2017)

Sketch comedy is ALIVE! The team that brought you “Two Months In” is back with another original revue of timely humor and hilarious treats. If you’ve ever wondered if the Headless Horseman misses his head, how Gordon Ramsey would deal with monsters, or what’s really hiding in your closet, then these comedians have the show for you. Come laugh away your fear as we face down goblins, ghouls, monsters in Washington, and have a go at all the things that go bump in the night.

FEATURING Sade Adeyemi, Jessalyn Carpino, Amy Hallett, Brandon Holmes, Amadio Perez, Josh Rowsey, and Shane Smith WRITTEN BY Glenn Greggs, Matt Harris, David Greenslade, Andy Lavender, Ashley Melzer, Jody Oakley, Jack Reitz, Shane Smith, and Maddie Weiner   CREATIVE CONSULTANT: Glenn Greggs   ASSISTANT DIRECTED BY: Erin Hanehan   DIRECTED BY: Jack Reitz   PRODUCED / ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Ashley Melzer