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Golden Age

(2016- Present)

Discover the private creative lives of others. Each month an all-star cast of improvisers welcomes one special guest to share art and insights. Their experiences inspired their work, now they inspire hilarious conversation and comedy. Join us for revealing stories, big laughs and grand adventures.

Cast Member: Ashley Melzer

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Hush Hush

(2016- Present)

Join Hush Hush for a special improv comedy show full of deep laughs and true revelations. Each show, audience members add their anonymous confessions into our bucket of truth. Our cast of improv all-stars read those aloud and turn one person's wild shame into everyone's party.  

Directed by Ashley Melzer

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Two Months In (2017)

2016 nearly killed us (and did kill David Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher). What happens two months into the new administrations when a Tweeter-in-Chief has taken office, the NC General Assembly has the gloves off and we have a Beauty and the Beast without Angela Lansbury?

Producing/Writing by Ashley Melzer 

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