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Two Months In (2017)

2016 nearly killed us (and did kill David Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher). What happens two months into the new administrations when a Tweeter-in-Chief has taken office, the NC General Assembly has the gloves off and we have a Beauty and the Beast without Angela Lansbury? These sketch comedians have a few ideas. Two Months In, takes stock of the moment and gives you a reason to laugh again. Expect appearances from: the NC General Assembly, your family, and some Ghostbusters caught between their jobs and their ethics. It’s the best and worst of a political season that will only end when the blessed apocalypse claims us all.

FEATURING Rishan Dhamija, Amy Hallett, Josh Rowsey, Shane Smith, Caitlin Wells and Marcus Zollicoffer   WRITTEN BY Greg Guiliano, Andy Lavender, James McMahon, Ashley Melzer, Jody Oakley, Jack Reitz, and Sarah Spencer   DIRECTED BY Jack Reitz   PRODUCED BY Ashley Melzer