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You Gave Me a Song

You Gave Me a Song: The Life and Music of Alice Gerrard

Director/Producer Kenny Dalsheimer Producer Ashley Melzer Editor Kelly Creedon Associate Producers Heather Cook and DL Anderson Project Assistant Tatiana Hargreaves Cinematographer Warren Gentry

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You Gave Me a Song is a new feature documentary about legendary old-time and bluegrass musician Alice Gerrard that offers an intimate portrait of her remarkable, unpredictable journey. The film follows eighty-four year old Gerrard over several years, weaving together verité footage of living room rehearsals, recording sessions, songwriting, archival work, and performances with photos and rare field recordings. Much of the film is told in Alice’s voice and via interviews with musical collaborators and family members who share the story of Alice and others chasing that high lonesome sound.